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I fucking love one direction so fucking much I’ve loved them for so long and it’s so strange because no matter if they’re on break for three months or doing a 7 hour live stream I’m still so fucking in love with them I will never get tired of them I love them more than anything in the world they make me so happy GOD I FUUCJCIH GLOVE ONE DORBETION

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Chicago, IL 29/8

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just a reminder: we’re two periods away from 2014.

you couldn’t just say months you had to measure time with your menstrual cycle

fUN FACT. the earliest form of a calender that’s ever been found was to keep track of an ancient person’s menstrual cycle. ppl with vaginas invented time. there is a reason that months are about the same length as the time between periods. that is all.

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"There’s a girl out here who seems to have broken her arm." 30/08

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hash browns will be served at my wedding

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lol girl nooooo. I’m a 22 yr old woman, gotta pretend to not be a fangirl for awhile

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5sos is like that little sibling that only you can make fun of but the second someone you don’t know makes fun of them you’re ready to cut throats

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